Tiger Woods Interview
By kickntrue on 3/22/10
So- I can't go without talking about what happened with Tiger yesterday. One interesting thing I noticed is how different the reaction has been for those who saw it- and those who just read the transcript. I happened to catch it "live" on SportsCenter, so not really live, but with the first wave of the nation to see the interview. I thought for one of the first times in his life- Tiger seemed like he may be a human being. He didn't crack. He didn't get emotional. He still didn't answer everything we wanted to know, but he definitely took it all like man. It would take a lot to stand in front of the world- and tell them how disgusting a person you've become and how you're working on your personal problems. I'll give him credit for that. Tough.

The quirky thing for me- was the one moment he looked most vulnerable was when talking about coming back to golf- and not his family situation. I don't think you could watch the interview and not think his answer to the question about fan expectations was sincere. You can tell he is legitimately scared and just wants a couple people to have his back when he plays. I think he knows there will be some ugliness- but I thought there was some real emotion there.

Here is the crazy part for me. I think what Tiger did to his family is absolutely reprehensible, but I can't get away from the fact that I'm 100% rooting for him at Augusta. I've contemplated the personal implications of me rooting for him- and if I should find another favorite player, but I can't. I want Tiger to win at Augusta and every event thereafter. I don't even consider myself a Tiger lover. I'll be the first to tell you that I think he's a probably a real jerk- and that I'd never want to be around in real life- but that doesn't change the fact that I want him to win win win. I want to witness history- and I know he's the only one who can really provide it.

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Chuckn says:
As I don't condone Tiger's infidelity, I think that issue is strictly between he and his wife and family. One of the things we do as a nation of people, is to put our high profile people on a pedestal. He's human like all of us. And we'd be fooing only ourselves if we think they are not vulnerble to the temptations. I pray that he sees the error of his ways and make amends and move on and the press and fans need to do the same. Let him and his wife have the time and solitude to reconnect with one another and get back to the business of family and trust. Looking forward to seeing him back on the tour. Good luck in the Masters Tiger, and rooting for you to win.
skyblue2781 says:
Just another staged event, this guy is a corporation, he makes his living not by playing golf but through his endorsements. The public pays for those through the sale of products and services he endorses. Woods is like a movie set, good looking in the front but nothing substantial in the back. He may be the best player on the planet, but his phony persona or lack of it from what I have seen on the golf course is now showing through. He is no Arnold Palmer. Palmer remembers who helped him make his fortune at least. The golf fan! These guys live in a differnt world, are treated like primadonnas and believe that they deserve it. The only thing Tiger said that was true was that his dad would have kicked his As....! The car accident "I was going slow and hit a few things" Did you see the photo's of his SUV! Just see the police report is all there, Yeah Right!
HMTrey says:
Wow skyblue!!!! rather deep for someone who does know him on a personal level. Last I knew not 1 man or woman are perfect walking this earth. Money should have no bearing on this but in the USA it does. Money means everything in the USA. Lastly why does Tiger owe us anything? Does anyone truly owe us anything? Who said he had to be Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer never had death threats because his skin was a different color. Hey what he did was within the law don't hate the player hate the game.
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