Corey Pavin Is Rooting For Tiger
By kickntrue on 3/17/10
So, yes, a lot of people have a lot of opinions on Tiger coming back. My favorite though, so far at least, is a quote by Team USA Ryder Cup Captain, Corey Pavin:
"I'm glad he's coming back. I hope he plays well and makes the team. I'd like to have him on the team because I think he's a pretty good player."
Yah, Corey. He is at the very least, decent. I sure hope he makes the team too- because it sure would be tough if it came down to using the last of your two captain's picks on Tiger or Nick Watney. Who would you choose?!


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Mr Sandman says:
Pretty good Corey give me a break.
He's the best we've ever seen!
I wish him the best even though I don't agree with his off course antics.
sixgunz says:
Without a doubt the best we've ever seen but I wouldn't call his off course actions antics nor would I call them an addiction. I would call it a lack of character, ethics and values.
keith366 says:
He is an athlete... not a role model. It is not our right to judge or even be disappointed because he did something the media did not like. I would be surprised if he is the first man to do what he did.
paddyhibernian says:
Sorry Keith366. He is a role model.
Russflewelling says:
I'm with you Keith! Kids need to look up to someone they know, not someone on TV. Where would I be today if I modeled myself after Fred Flintsone, or Zack Morris. Chances are we all know someone with worse ethics that Tiger and we don't even know because NO ONE CARES!
sixgunz says:
Didn't say he was a role model but I'm sure he is for some that don't have a positive one in their lives. Besides, if Fred Flintstone was yours Russ you would probably be playing quarry courses with Barney and Mr Slate. Not a bad foursome, lol.
Who's to say that Arnold and Jack didn't step out once or twice, particularly Arnold? Tiger was just a bit more blatant. Kids have always looked up to our “so called superstars” just as we did as kids, but ultimately it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their children integrity. I like the man because I play this frustrating game and understand its difficulty, so seeing some of the shots he pulls off blow me away. It’s sad to say, but golf is boring without him.
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