Rocky, the-iPhone-stealing-golf-course-raccoon!
By mustang6560 on 1/11/13
If one of your friends was to tell you that a raccoon stole his iPhone, would you believe him? Raccoons are sneaky pests but most people are attached to their phones, so how could a 'coon get close enough to snatch one?

Before you answer the original question, you should watch the video below. During a recent golf outing at Okeeheelee Golf Course, Brian Acker had his iPhone stolen right out of his golf cart by Rocky the Raccoon. Apparently, Rocky is notorious for rummaging through the golf carts of unsuspecting golfers and taking what he wants.

Brian returned to the golf course the next day and used the built-in GPS tracking to locate his phone. With the help of a couple employees, he located his phone in Rocky's nest on the second hole of the Eagle Course, along with a variety of other goods Rocky had collected over the years.

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disgusting you seen the price of that sandwich
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