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By kickntrue on 2/22/10
We get a lot of emails, most with questions, some with concerns. Occasionally, we get an email like this one and it makes all of the hard work worth it. Thanks to John for allowing me to publish it.

My name is John Palushevic and I am 39 yrs of age. I have been playing baseball and softball for over 20 years until August of 2008 when a softball buddy asked if I would join them to make a foursome. What the heck I thought. Well I shot 115 with most of my drives slicing big time. I was hooked and have been playing as much as I can. Once I fixed my over the top swing due to my baseball swing. I have bought all of the golf magazines out there and watch the Golf Channel. I love my SkyCaddie SG5 and waiting for the new arrival of the SGX. I hope the trade-in program is in affect soon!!! By the way I am a kidney transplant recipient for the past 3 years and hope some day to be able to play golf with Alonzo Mourning and George Lopez at Pebble Beach. That would be a dream come true! Well one year later (2009) and I am shooting in the high 80's to low 90's but I've been working on my putting so no more three putts. I love this game and still play softball but I've met so many nice people on the golf course whenever I get out there by myself. I only wish I started playing golf earlier in my life.

Thank you guys and god bless,

John Palushevic
Mahopac, NY

No, John. Thank you.

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samarai28 says:
I didn't start playing until I was about 30 and I, too, got hooked. As a matter of fact, I can really relate to John's letter. I also have an SG5 and am waiting to see what kind of trade-in program Skygolf offers, if any, for the SGX.

John, welcome to the world of avid golfers!!!!
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