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By kickntrue on 2/17/10
I read a great article in Sports Illustrated's Golf + section by author and golf entrepreneur Michael Bamberger. He tells the story of starting a golf company over 10 years ago, getting an endorsement from Nick Price (a catch at the time), having initial success and then hitting a wall.
I am the inventor of a utility golf club called the E-Club. (For Everyone, from Everywhere.) The E-Club is three clubs in one: putter, sand wedge and fairway wood. It's on the USGA list of conforming clubs, and I have a U.S. patent on it. I also have a 30-minute infomercial featuring Nick Price, Judy Rankin and various young assistant pros, all of whom can do unlikely things with it. And a storage unit in Feasterville, Pa., with, as I write this sentence, 723 E-Clubs in it. It's a nice little company—no debt, no other products—which I own with another golf nut.
The story goes on to talk about the successes and failures along the way and is worth a couple minutes if you have time. What it all really boils down to though, is the opening line, which is a pretty common joke within the golf industry,
"Want to make a small fortune in the golf business? Start with a large fortune.

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