How Often Do You Regrip?
By kickntrue on 2/12/10
Most equipment articles suggest regripping your golf clubs 2x a year. Obviously this depends greatly on how often you play golf, but still, but I don't know many people regripping this often. Unless I'm way off and am just missing a huge aspect of amateur golf, I don't think anyone I know regrips more than once every 2 years (and that's a rare few). Most people I know regrip by buying a new set of clubs. While an individual grip isn't that expensive ($3-$8) by the time you multiply that by 10-13 and pay to have someone do it for you, you're talking well over $100. I don't doubt having new grips is best... but I can't imagine someone is actually gaining to losing too many strokes because of their grips if they don't change 2x a year. In all my life golfing I've only seen a club slip out of someone's hands two times and in both cases it was very much golfer error.

A few weeks ago we posted an account of regripping our own clubs HERE. The process was interesting from a learning perspective but I don't think you're going to find our author doing it again. The good news is that there are some new products that may be changing the regripping process. We met a new company (Pure Grips) at the PGA Show that invented a grip that can be put on and off with a special attachment to an air compressor. The process took about 15 seconds per grip with absolutely no mess. If something like this changes the process across the board it's a start, but at $8 a grip it's still an expensive endeavor for a hack on a budget. Regrip my clubs or play 3 additional rounds of golf this year? I'm always taking the golf.

So where are you guys at? Do you regrip more than I guess you do? Article On Finding Right Grip
Pure Grips (including demo video)

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Willie47 says:

I regrip my clubs as need, the Driver, the Wedge and the Putter get most, I regrip them one or two times a year. If the grip dosen't feel righton the club, I will regrip it.
Stewmanb says:
Last year I regripped my entire set twice. First grips were a softer variety and have way through the season there were wear groves in the grip. So I regripped with half cords. Interested to see how long these last. wondering if I will have to regrip them again. I get in about 50 - 60 rounds a year, not including practice.
johnmcg says:

I kept the original grips on my irons for about 8 years as I thought they were still ok. Got them renewed last season. Wow! What a difference. Should have done it years ago. Will definitely regrip every season. I prefer Tour Velvets - they are quite hard wearing and I play 100-125 rounds a year.
Even better news - my local pro will supply and fit 9 new velvets for £30 - bargain
T. Morris (aka "BlkMamba") says:
I regrip once every 6 months due to practice and rounds played. Nothing like the feel of a fresh grip in the midst of the cabretta.
dicampbell says:
I regrip every spring
GWRGolfer says:
I would suggest the vast majority of golfers don't re-grip often enough. I tend to re-grip the wedges, driver every year and the other clubs every 2 years. I play approx 50-60 times a year. I don't wear a glove so I don't know if this makes a difference.
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