Callaway To Sponsor Super Bowl Pre-Game
By kickntrue on 2/2/10
Callaway will become the first ever stand-alone golf company to sponsor Super Bowl coverage. The California-based company will sponsor 30 minutes of pregame coverage from 5pm-5:30pm EST which will include commercials as well as visual on-air logos.
Phil Mickelson, who endorses Callaway products, is expected to predict the outcome of the game by driving two golf balls — one representing the New Orleans Saints and the other the Indianapolis Colts.

“The Super Bowl has grown to become an unofficial American holiday and presents an unparalleled promotional platform,” said Callaway Chief Executive George Fellows.

Callaway will be front and center on TV screens more than an hour before kickoff. The game is scheduled to begin about 3:30 p.m. Still, the company expects 21 million viewers will see its ads.
I just can't believe this makes any financial sense. I don't even know where to start speculating on a cost but if 30 seconds of airtime during the game costs over $2M, I'd assume 30 minutes just before the game has to cost at least $7M-$10M. That's a lot of drivers and wedges to sell, to make your investment back.

I also think this is a bit of a knee jerk reaction to last year's perfectly executed play by rival TaylorMade. Instead of doing their own commercial, they've had great success simply putting their logo inside the best commercial of last year- E*Trade's baby commercial. Now, THAT was well done.

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This is how you do Super Bowl advertising. Pay for sponsorships inside someone else's commercial.

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T. Morris (aka "BlkMamba") says:
I agree. In a boom economy perhaps that would have paid off yet in the current economy where everyone is scaling back to include those purchasing golf products it is definitely a waste in my opinion as well. Yet you know in business risks are taken and I am sure they were thinking this was a great opportunity and perhaps pioneering was good as a jesture yet it won't help their bottom line this year. We will see what happens as the weather begins to warm to see how many rounds of golf will be played this year as well as total equipment sales.
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