New 2010 Golf Equipment
By kickntrue on 1/11/10
January is always a fun time for golf junkies, at least in terms of seeing all of the new equipment coming out. I'm curious to know what you've seen or heard about that excites you for the new year? Beyond specific clubs from specific manufacturers, what type of equipment do you read about most?

My guess is most people care most about drivers followed by putters. Despite the fact they are still the most "new" equipment to the game and may be responsible for saving the most strokes for a mid-handicapper, I almost ignore hybrid technology completely. Am I alone in this?

Anyway- let me know... for a couple reasons. 1) Just for this post, but 2) So I can check some specific stuff out at the PGA Show in Orlando in a couple weeks. If you guys want the dirt on something specific I'll make sure to check it out- and even hit it at the demo day if I can.

Here is a link to a article on some new drivers. - New Drivers

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