Shooting Your Age
By kickntrue on 1/4/10
By Nathan Trifone, ClubSG Contributor

I played a round with an older gentleman named Tom a few months back. We were both playing alone and decided to join together on hole three. Tom played golf at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and is a talented golfer with a steady swing and a quick step.

About midway through the front nine, he revealed his personal goal was to shoot his age. At 65 years old, he said he was getting closer and closer with each passing day. After a par on the ninth, he was a couple strokes down heading into the back. I only had time to play nine holes so I didn’t get to see how his round finished.

I saw him a couple days later and he said he ended up shooting a 71. To most amateur golfers, that score would be cause for celebration (bust out the champagne and cigars!). But for Tom, it was an average round.

The more I thought about it, the more I decided to make Tom’s goal my ultimate goal. I have a few decades and several skill levels to go before I could get close to shooting my age (assuming par 3 courses don’t count). However, every golfer needs to set personal long-term goals in order to improve their game and well as provide motivation to play to get better. I hope to shoot my age at 72.

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Mr. John says:
With advances in medicine, and advances in technology... people are living longer than ever, and playing with better equipment... I guess more and more people have a shot at that goal.

Even you.
moonjockey says:
Since I am 49 and shoot in the high 80's I might have a shot at it
Conspirator says:
I've been away from the game since 1998. After my first round in 11 years I ripped my rotor cuff. 8 months later I am now starting to play again. It's like I never played the game in my life, very frustrating. At 61, and the way I'm playing, to shoot my age I may have to live to be 102.
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