GolfSmith's Clubmaking Class For Beginners
By kickntrue on 12/21/09
I was browsing and found a neat $15 class they offer on Saturday mornings as an intro into building golf clubs. I just wish I lived near a store! I figured I'd tell you about it anyway in case you do.
For an introduction into clubmaking, attend a clubmaking workshop at your local Golfsmith store for only $15! The Golfsmith program is a one-of-a-kind experience, offering expert instruction in a hands-on working environment.

Complimentary materials include the Golfsmith Clubmaking How-To DVD ($14.99 value). Also included are the components needed to build a steel-shafted sand wedge. It's all yours to keep!

Classes are taught at most stores on Saturday mornings. Class size is limited so please contact your store for dates, times and availability.

Or for more information call 1-800-456-3344.
That just sounds like some good old Saturday morning fun, and for only $15! Sounds like a perfect Christmas present to give every golfer you know.

Does anyone know of any other golf store doing something like this? I know there aren't Golfsmiths throughout the entire country. If anyone has done this- please post your experience. I've already talked to a couple people who have done it and it sounds great!

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Flying_Fossil says:
To bad they no longer carry components in the stores so that you can select and build your own club or set of clubs.
Used to be my favorite golf store. Now just like any other golf/tennis retailer.
tdihler says:
Would be nice if they had a store in Idaho. I'm stuck with Golf Galaxy a 150 miles away.
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