"Unfortunately, it affected my play a little bit"
By mustang6560 on 1/29/13
The news out of Torrey Pines was less about Tiger Woods' 75th PGA Tour win and more about the dreadfully slow pace of play.

In the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open, Tiger was paired with Billy Horschel and Casey Wittenberg and it took them three hours and 45 minutes to play 11 holes. The group in front of them, which consisted of Erik Compton, Brad Fritsch, and Steve Marino, was playing so slow that they fell behind an entire hole of the group in front of them.

Following the round, Tiger admitted the slow pace affected his performance.
Well, the group ahead of us was a hole behind most of the entire back nine. I don't know if they were warned or not or they were timed. But we were just playing slow. We were just having to wait on every shot, so it got a little slow.

The three of us were losing our patience a little bit out there. I certainly was. Unfortunately, it affected my play a little bit.
The only silver lining for Tiger's group is they only had to play 11 holes. Had they needed to play a full 18 yesterday, then they were looking at a six-hour plus round of golf.

Pace of play is a real problem for the PGA Tour, despite the commissioners official position on the issue. As the most successful golf circuit in the world, the Tour can't tolerate a six-hour plus round of golf. What example does that set for amateur golfers?

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ally1957 says:
Anyone out there know if the fact that they didn't regroup the players for the final round so that 69' were playing together and 74's were playing together and so on I tend to notice I'm in a slow round if one of us including me is dropping 2 or more shots per hole. But it's getting more and more common. Especially since no one promotes a "brisk" pace. Some resort courses With the GPS fitted have a pace timer. One thing I am pleased about playing occasionlly in the USA is that occassionaly I have been informed how to speed up my play three clubs out of the cart if ball near the no buggy zones near greens
In the 1 acre sand traps you have in Florida etc.
bigmo4242 says:
I dont think they could because all the groups were on different holes.
brucesmyk says:
It's not hard to identify the slow players in a group of PGA pros. You don't have to penalize everyone in the same group. The hard part is to penalize them with strokes, not cash. Tiger and the other top tier pros have to tale an outspoken stand. Otherwise, nothing will change. On the 17th hole at the Ryder Cup (final round, I believe), Jim Furyk was over his putt (an up-hill one) for at least 2 minutes. (He missed it.) What kind of message does that send to the hackers???
dlnigh says:
thank god for fast forward. I record all the golf I'm going to watch so I can fast forward to what I want to watch.
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