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Staying Sharp In The Winter
By kickntrue on 12/11/09
Winter will soon shut a lot of the golf in the USA down for a couple months. How do you stay sharp in the off-season? Do you use the winter to exercise in other ways to stay in shape? Do you do anything golf specific?

Here in Mississippi (where SkyGolf is located) it has been pretty cold and I'm already wearing a path in the carpet at work from chasing down my chips and putts. I'm sure a couple of my co-workers wouldn't mind if it warmed up a couple degrees so I could get back to practicing on the course. My shots keep deflecting off their walls while they're working. I wonder why my stash of golf balls keep disappearing when I leave for the night?!

I'm sure some of you have better habits than me- so please share them in the comments below. I'm sure we could all use a little encouragement and motivation heading into the Holidays! That said, if anyone has a drill specifically for hitting hole-in-ones on every Par 3, please email me directly instead of posting it. We wouldn't want to give that away for free!

photo source - Flickr user "normanack"

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will you please start using ProVx's?
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