5 Links You Can Use To Achieve Your Golf Goals
By David Horne on 1/7/13
It's that time of year again where everyone is eager to set goals and resolutions. The holiday induced coma from too much eggnog, turkey and pumpkin pie has worn off. You're ready to get serious about making positive changes in your world. And if you're like us, that includes finally breaking 90, correcting that slice or shedding a few pounds to make it easier to pick your ball out of the cup.

The problem most people have is getting those declarations to stick. Why is it that good habits and intentions are so easy to make and so darn hard to keep? Well, we have 10 posts that will keep you on track, inspired and ready to make this your best golf year yet.
  1. 10 Step Guide for Making Your New Year's Resolutions — Even if you have already made resolutions for the year, this guide will help you tweak them and increase your chances of success. You'll get great insight on how slow and steady wins the race.

  2. 5 Tips To Improve Your Mental Game in 2013 — It's funny how hard we tend to make this game. Often, the most useful advice is the simplest. Here are five practical tips for improving your golf mindset to shoot lower scores.

  3. Establish Your Golf Goals and Practice Accordingly — Practice doesn't make perfect. It makes permanent. Check out this post on how to plan your practice to match your goals.

  4. 4 Keys to Shoot In the 80's — These swing thoughts will help you, regardless of breaking 100, 90, 80 or 70. No fluff or hype here, just a few things you can implement today to improve your game.

  5. Meditate to Elevate Your for 2013 — Sometimes you just need to slow down to speed up. Here's something you can do at half-time or after dinner that will give your golf game a boost. Of course, we wouldn't recommend these exercises while driving.
Hope these help you on your journey. And may 2013 be your best year ever.

Have more great links of practice or inspiration? Drop them in the comments.

Image via Flickr, Mark Kens

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