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Marxman X-Act

  - Odyssey
Advertised as a "putting wedge," the X-Act is a chipper featuring 37° of loft, with a strongly-angled, short plumber's neck hosel. It is available in RH only with a 35-inch shaft.
  JHBryant - 4/10/10
I bought this chipping putter because I am not as long with the driver as I would like. This leaves me with a long iron or a 7 wood to the green alot of the time. When I miss the green either short or to the sides, this chipper can get me close enough to one putt. Drive for show and "chip" for dough.
  xarkzila917 - 3/31/10
I love this club! I've used a chipper/putter for awhile with some success and when I saw that Odyssey had one, that in addition matched my current Odyssey mallet putter, I couldn't resist and boy am I glad! The 37 degree face lifts the ball easily out of the rough as it's hard to dig this club in with it's large footprint. It can be used from about 35-40 yards out. I'm even considering using it out of some sand. I'll let you know how that goes.
  chris2010 - 7/5/19
  busfare13 - 3/19/13
  The Hun - 2/13/13
  someboy - 4/18/12
  Brent-SC1978 - 2/15/12
  Julian1972 - 12/29/11
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