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Versatile footwear that utilizes a spikeless outsole and soft premium leather for underfoot comfort and grip on the course. One year waterproof warranty.
  martin1956 - 6/24/13
I wanted a lightweigt shoe to wear abroad and at home when the weather was dry and the fairways hard. These fitted the bill nicely and I haven't been disappointed.

I was really surprised at just how well they gripped even in the frosty and muddy conditions when I took them out for a round or two.

The only slight drawback is that with the large lace eyelets some water does seem to ingress into them, funnily enough mostly when walking through damp loang grass, another good reason to stay on the fairways I guess. Played about 30 rounds with them now and the wear on the soles (which did worry me) is minimal, so I guess they will last as long as a normal pair of golf shoes, though there will be the added benefit that once their golfing days are over, their days of leisure wear will commence.
  Jim 2ae - 7/16/12
These are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Thought there may be a traction issue on damp courses, but they provided a very secure base. I love them. Going to see what other Colors are available. - 7/4/12
Best golf shoes I have ever owned. Holds traction on the course, feels like I am wearing walking shoes. I have to remember to change out at the end of the round.
  MostlyBogies - 5/14/12
I am very happy with these shoes. Great look, excellent grip, good value, very comfortable and waterproof as advertised.
  Hornet441 - 6/12/17
  Swingbig - 2/4/17
  tranchen - 8/4/16
  yves4950 - 6/21/16
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