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The SkyCaddie Breeze delivers a virtual sprinkler head; offering golfers front, middle and back of the green distances from anywhere on the course without touching a button or aiming. Most importantly, the Breeze provides the unmatched quality of a SkyCaddie in an easy-to-use device that performs more accurately than any others on the market.
  LCS47 - 3/2/15
Toggle button does not work anymore which makes it difficult to keep stats, select course or choose starting hole. Not happy with device and will not renew when my subscription to the service is up.
  seadevil - 4/10/13
I've used this four times, so I'm still learning. The accuracy is good. Battery life is excellent even with 100% backlight (50% at the end of a round). I need to adjust the AutoView settings because I'm finding it not very useful. The belt clip broke after a couple of rounds. I got both the feature pack 1 & 2. I found Intelligreen and HoleVue useful.
  stevieandrews - 3/27/18
  JLyle - 5/8/17
  charliand - 12/16/16
  EAC47 - 9/2/16
  Dave Shipp - 8/24/16
  EdPhil - 8/21/16
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