Odyssey - White Steel Tri-Ball SRT

White Steel Tri-Ball SRT

  - Odyssey
The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter has a higher MOI for a straighter back and through stroke, and a lightweight body for precise balance. Instead of the 2 ball circles behind the face, the Tri-Ball SRT has three balls for enhanced alignment. The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter has the Saturn Ring Technology (SRT) for added stability and comes with either the White Steel or White Hot insert as well. This all new alignment putter is an unbeatable blend of can’t miss technologies.
  Raider396 - 5/6/11
I love my tri ball putter on the green!! In my bag, it's a different story. It's big and bulky and really gets in the way sometimes. But it's not so bad that I will stop using it. It just feels sooooo nice to putt with.
  Blinkie0 - 8/14/16
  jkole - 2/23/16
  hendro - 10/6/14
  Airportlink - 4/17/14
  barstar - 7/25/13
  Montanastormrep - 5/27/13
  seemore69 - 5/17/13
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