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Backstryke Blade

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Introduced in 2010, the Backstryke Blade mates a rear-mounted "Stroke Balance" shaft with an extended length, heel-toe weighted, T-shaped blade.

WEIGHT: 360 g
LENGTHS: 33", 34", 35"
LOFT: 3°
LIE: 69°

  flgolfer1 - 10/23/11
This is a great putter. It has great feel, great balance and a good alignment tool. The ball comes off the face nicely and feels excellent. Everyone I have handed it to has commented how nice the ball feels coming off the face.
  Gordon 1955 - 7/30/11
I have tried over 30 putters in the last 2 months (Each time on practice greens rather than the Astroturf that can be found in many of the golf superstores etc).

I found the Backstryke really easy to align the clubface to your target (the shaft won't impede your line of sight). The shaft angle also creates a natural forward press without de-lofting the putter, so the ball tracks nicely to the hole. I also found that if you can see the face insert at address, make a slight forward press until it disappears. This is the ideal position to get the best roll from this putter. The shaft position (near the head’s centre of gravity) enables you to swing the club back and forth freely.

I found the set up position slight “weird” to begin with but after sinking a few putts my trepidation went. I won’t try and kid you that all of a sudden you will sink putts like a pro but if my experience is anything to go by then 3 putts will become as rare as hens teeth and you will have more confidence sinking putts. Putts of less than 6 feet are no longer knee tremblers and I am now looking to single putt whenever I am within 20 feet!! I know I won’t get everyone but at least I have the confidence to try!! Overall I anticipate that my number of putts per round will drop by 2-3 shots.
  kpm486 - 7/18/17
  Race Rabbit - 7/24/14
  drialo1 - 1/24/14
  vawdey - 7/8/13
  Black Danny - 12/10/12
  BrokenSlice - 8/2/12
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