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Rossa Monza Spider

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The TaylorMade Golf Rossa Monza Spider Putter has more weight on the perimeter, which combined with the Spider's light and strong aluminum core boosts the M.O.I. for consistent distance on off-center hits. With two moveable weights, the user is able to change the head weight for a more customizeable feel and the AGSI + Titanium face insert promotes forwardspin for a smoother roll off the putter face, which increases directional and distance control.
  Detster - 4/25/13
This has proven to be a very consistent putter. Well balanced, an for me, ideal for accuracy in long puts.
  lesdsmith944 - 5/30/10
had a ping ugli g5i centre shaft and this is way better balanced and feel is great
  rigsitter - 4/16/10
This is a great putter. Although my buddies thinks it looks more like a space ship than a putter, it has a good feel when striking the ball. Excellent
  sdbenson - 1/4/10
I luv this putter!
  rayro63 - 10/13/19
  dava23 - 9/22/19
  chrome - 4/2/19
  hollymae - 9/14/17
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