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Bulls Eye Original

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Bulls Eye Putters are made of soft, yellow brass, weighted and shaped to uniquely delicate balance is the hallmark of Bulls Eye. That's why Bulls Eye has been a favorite putter on tour for over thirty years. And why no Bulls Eye in the lineup strays far from the famous original.
  tukwila - 7/13/11
feels good in the hand, smooth swing. ball goes to hole and in, YAHOO
  unholybliss - 6/26/11
I've used acushnet putters since I was about 10 years old. I now use the extended flange (for more weight). I have four of them, two with offset and two without the offset. I prefer the ones without the offset, but changing them out occasionally when accuracy is lacking seems to adjust my stroke back. Love them, nothing else feels as good in my hands on a green.
  BJJACKSON - 5/6/16
  mcshanedaniel - 8/14/15
  golffreak7 - 8/8/12
  Burr106 - 5/1/12
  A Train - 12/4/11
  tom bosley - 9/20/11
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