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Idea a3 OS

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Designed for maximum game improvement, Idea a3 OS integrates six progressively shaped hybrids with two cavity-back short irons for consistent results.
  Rubberband Man - 8/19/11
$44.99 with unbelievable performace.
  dsilvereye - 8/13/11
Long, Straight and forgiving.
  gherbener - 8/11/11
great feel....ball comes off so smooth and true
  jalloret - 8/8/11
A very good club. Not exactly an easy-to-hit club, but they are not designed that way. The sweet spot is, indeed, small, but the feel and response are incredible. I used the Callaway X-20's, and my distance increased about fifteen yards with each club, but hitting the Callaway's was like hitting the golf ball with a shovel - no feedback or feel in the clubhead. I'm happy giving up distance in this instance. I had my entire set of clubs custom-made with premium shafts and grips for about $600.
  hrfdez - 1/19/11
Scotty Cameron knows how to make a Custom putter. This is the best feeling putter I have ever used in the Cameron line. It was a bit pricy, but worth every penny.

If you want to putt the best, you have to use the best!

Thanks Scotty!
  todd1golfer - 7/1/19
  gdetzel - 6/12/18
  bigbayou3 - 4/2/17
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