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Expanding the heritage of our industry-leading hybrid iron sets, we developed the Idea Tech a4 Hybrids and Forged Irons to meet the needs of better players wanting premium, forged irons and tour-proven hybrids.
  arnoldadams2003 - 7/31/11
got them off e-bay and love them. Great value for a forged club.
  phlar2468 - 6/9/10
Very good irons. I use sonartec hybrids instead of the Adams
  ybok1234 - 4/20/10
Love these irons two months in got me two Aces with em, toss out the hybrids and get the Titliest 909's they're way better quality and have extremly hot faces....
  sompin2do - 12/11/09
I got these brand new off of ebay from an Adams player with the hybrids. $470 shipped!
  sapagel90 - 6/14/14
  atosman - 2/19/14
  Lambden - 2/26/13
  philipaparker - 6/24/12
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