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Thomas Golf developed the AT705 set to be easier to hit and provide more distance than traditional irons. The entire set is available for men and women in RH and LH, and includes a hybrid driver, hybrid irons and (available) matching hybrid wedges:

Driver: 10.5°
1H: 16°
2H: 18°
3H: 21°
4H: 24°
5H: 27°
6H: 30°
7H: 34°
8H: 38°
9H: 42°

  BCham454 - 8/31/15
Love these. I have the: 1 replaces my 3w, 2 replaces my 5w, them 3,5,6,7. I use the AT510 8,9, & PW. I had a hard time hitting the woods, so the Thomas Hybrids really helped. Highly recommend. They fit to your measurements, the price is right, and they are made in the USA.
  flash759 - 6/29/13
Made in America, and very good quality.
  sailor1943 - 10/5/10
I have the 6,7,8,9 & pw, love the feel, & the way they hit from just about any where. Great clubs for a fair price.
  pipejam1958605 - 8/6/10
These hybrids are wonderful for a variety of shots from a dead-pan to tall grass to sand. Easy to hit and fun to play.
  Crusader1964 - 12/22/11
  grifs32 - 11/30/11
  Ladouceur - 8/12/11
  ronlanoue - 5/14/11
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