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The MP-63 iron is an evolution of Mizuno's most popular tour iron, the MP-62. The design goal of the MP-63 was to take the profile attributes of the Grain Flow Forged MP-62 (head size, top line, offset, sole width) so prolific on the world's tours and create an improvement in both feel and versatility. Mizuno studied vibration simulations of the head and experimented with several methods of affecting the sound and feel at impact (Harmonic Impact Technology).
  Maffa - 3/4/13
These irons are superb. I had mine custom fitted and are worth every penny.
  nolegolfer - 6/17/12
Absolutely the best irons I have ever played. Classic look, butter feel, and forgiving. A complete package and a must try for anyone searching for new irons.
  M.W.B - 10/20/11
Best irons I have played in years, feel - workability - forgivness and distance.
  ViperFantom - 6/25/16
  MQPeterson - 6/5/15
  Mattchiro - 8/17/14
  mmontisano - 7/15/14
  leigh1965 - 4/3/14
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