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Introduced in 2011, the MP-59 "half-cavity" irons featured "Ti Muscle Technology," in which titanium is forged into the clubhead, increasing the sweet spot by about 5% over the MP-58. Mizuno's Grain Flow Forging process uses 1025E mild carbon steel and delivers full-cavity forgiveness in a half-cavity design.

The MP-59s were available in 3-iron (21º) through 9-iron (42º) and PW (46º) in RH and LH. The stock shaft was a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300.

  SUGAR-RAY - 11/10/14
Best irons on the market , working the ball is a dream on flush hits a nice soft feel off the face awesome irons
  theframes - 1/12/14
great feel for all shots. instant feedback on mis-hits. easy to work the ball. flush hits feel like butter. totally agree with AussiePhil !
  fowlie33 - 12/30/13
had them custom made , excellent feel and consistant, no better feeling than a pure mizuno shot
  AussiePhil - 8/16/13
Best irons I have ever used. Beautiful to look at address and the sound through the swing and contact is awesome. In love with these clubs!
  Rob1899 - 2/12/17
  bolanjd - 1/8/17
  chris_golf9013 - 2/8/16
  colorfulworld - 8/21/15
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