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Callaway's RAZR X forged irons are created from a "Triple Net Forging" process, designed to produce superior feel. Their "Tour CC" grooves to be precision forged into each club face.
  xarkzila917 - 9/22/11
I just upgraded to these from X20's.

It's the end of the league season and I'd won enough to get them for REAL cheap! I wish I'd had them sooner! I've worked hard on my game this year, going from shooting an average 108 to not posting anything over a 90 in the past 2 months. (Lessons are WELL worth the money! Especially if you commit to it.)

I got these irons last night and, since I'm leading on points with no one threatening, decided to put them right in the bag. I hit three balls with each on the practice tee. I can only say SMOOTH! Even the couple anxious mishits weren't that bad and the distance was a full club better than the old X20's.

On the course for the last day of full league competition I finally broke the 80 mark. If I'd figured out the distances quicker, and the sudden fade these clubs provided sooner, I'd have been much closer to par.

Love these clubs!

Now I just need to play enough to get my handicap to catch up with my ability. These clubs should give me a better chance to keep my scores low and even get them lower.
  airles - 9/15/15
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  jonwalker1 - 11/21/14
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