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Introduced in 2009, the MP-58 irons featured "Dual Muscle Titanium™" technology; during the Grain Flow Forging process, titanium is forged into the outer muscle of the iron.
  shoeshine - 7/22/11
Looks very pretty at all angles, feels on par with other good forged irons on the market but not as "soft" as pure forged Mizuno like the MP63, a lot more forgiving than the MP63 especially in the long irons, ball just want to jump off the club face! Love the ball flight on these and very easy through turf and rough. Makes you want to just use them all day, I even lay up long par 5s with 3 or 4 irons because they just feel so nice.
  Murless - 5/14/11
Best irons I have ever owned.
  brothervintage - 5/6/11
I agree with Bud. Great looking club at address. Sounds great when struck well, even has a soft spring like effect to it. Forgiving with mis-hits. Best irons I ever had.
  budcrosby - 10/5/10
Looks & feels great. Wonderful sound when well struck.
  Bill Blast - 7/26/17
  drialo1 - 12/9/16
  si newks - 1/12/16
  jtaylr1 - 6/2/14
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