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The Idea a7 Hybrid is a blend of high performance, forgiveness and increased carry distance.
  DougEly - 6/22/10
Big change from my Nike CPR3s. These things are amazing. I'm not typically a power hitter (hit my driver 245-255 on my best hits), but hit the Adams A7 19*/3H 231 yds from the fairway the first time I ever used it. Have continued to hit both the 3 and 4 quite a bit further than my old Nikes. 15-25 yds or more sometimes. In four years of playing the Nikes, which I really liked and trusted a lot, NEVER hit them these kind of distances, even on perfect swings and strikes. My miss hits with the Adams A7s are as long as my best hits with my trusty old Nikes. They have a slightly lower trajectory than I was used to, but still mid-high overall. I've had no issues getting through normal rough. Haven't had to play out of real deep rough yet. I'm confident in them though. I really think these hybrids are about to knock a couple strokes off my game. On the range last night, my consistency with them was amazing. Hit 20 or so shots with them, and when struck correctly, every single shot was longer than expected...and straight. Was also able to work the ball when I tried. Highly recommend these hybrids.
  SMShrum2 - 5/11/17
  Zane - 11/1/14
  paulolszewski - 8/28/14
  Jimmer5 - 5/9/14
  feature - 11/24/13
  raceagnsttime - 10/4/13
  dcshowdown - 9/9/13
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