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Idea Pro Black

  - Adams
Designed and built for better players, the Idea Pro Black hybrids deliver a penetrating ball flight for maximum distance, forgiveness and workability.
  G-man Buntrock - 4/24/13
Don't overswing this club. Find it easier to play straight up or fade. Not an easy club to control the draw.
  vinnymarsden - 7/5/10
You just know when you have one of those moments...when the strike is pure, the ball disappears EXACTLY where you wanted it to, and it keeps on going!!!!!!
I bought this after trying so many alleged super hybrids..but none seemed to live up to their hype..till now.
Looks like a large iron behind the ball, if only it were so easy to hit my long irons so far/so straight.
First time out i used it on a 390yard par 4...a MASSIVE drive of 260yards (I kid you not) with this and i was left with a very easy 9 iron to middle of green!
This is a quality club from what I have long considered one of the best hybrid makers in the business..had the original "Tight Lies" but for some odd reason never went back to them...believe me when I say...I WILL be looking to buy the 23degree to add to my bag.
So, in a nutshell, if you want accuracy/distance and a quality piece of equipment..look no further because the Idea pro black will more than meet your requirements..
I truthfully think the 3 wood might be staying in the bag for most of the round now!!
  saunderscc - 4/11/10
I've never been a hybrid fan. Frankly, I haven't been able to hit them all that well. I recently decided I would replace my 4-iron. I hit many, many hybrids looking for one that suited my eye, didn't have a bunch of offset, and I could consistently carry 200-210 yards.

The 23-degree Pro Black fit the bill for me. While it is far easier to hit and more consistent than my 4-iron, I wouldn't say this hybrid is a game improvement club. Poor swings will produce poor results with this club. However, a good (not great, mind you) swing will produce a good result.

This club seems to be designed with shot flexibility in mind. The ball flight can be adjusted by changing the ball position and the ball can be worked right and left by players able to do so. The "standard" ball-flight for me is a very pleasant boring trajectory that rises (but doesn't balloon). The ball lands softly and can be stopped within a club length of the divot, which is a nice shot to have when you need to carry 200-210 but can't afford a bunch of roll.

Importantly, this club sets up like my irons do, so it's not completely different moving from the 5-iron when I need more club. Finally, the sound and balance are superb and also match well with my irons. For my game, this is the best hybrid I've come across, the first I've actually purchased, and I've been looking for a few years.
  Golfnerd13 - 5/22/15
  montana25 - 3/18/15
  bigmacnorth - 9/20/14
  Camelboy129 - 8/25/14
  tatties - 3/29/14
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