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New, higher coverage 392 dimple design. Low spin Surlyn cover. Soft compression, high coefficient of restitution solid core. Extreme distance with soft feel. Boxed packaging.
  saunderscc - 5/29/10
I somehow ended up with a dozen of these from a charity tournament. Wow, I can't believe how terrible these balls are. Our range balls are better. Not only is the NXT Extreme not particularly long (ProV's or Callaway Tour (i) are noticeably longer), they have very little feel around the green and they feel like little rocks coming off the face of your putter. I played 9 holes with one NXT Extreme, and I will not play these dreadful balls again. In fact, tomorrow, I'm taking them out of my locker and giving them away. They aren't worth free.
  rtcabrera - 8/3/13
  kilabelete - 7/25/12
  ezreed - 3/12/12
  Bmag60 - 10/16/11
  cedarlake - 8/29/11
  rbihn979 - 8/5/11
  louroman - 7/28/11
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