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The Callaway HX Diablo Ball is one of the best 2-piece golf balls on the market due to the thin ionomer cover. That ultra-thin cover promotes optimal, low driver spin for devilishly long drives while HEX aerodynamics replace conventional dimples to reduce drag and produce a more penetrating ball flight in various weather conditions.
  bhands - 1/4/12
Superb value for money, they go miles but they still have some feel for pitching and putting.
  birdiexris - 10/17/11
For a two piece ball, these things are awesome. I got a dozen free at the WAHC this year and decided to put them in play. Now, i'm a premium ball player, because that's what i was fit for and that is what seems to work the best. These balls are pretty darn good, especially for $20. I can spin them on the green and hit them a mile. They are less "clicky" than a ProV1, but you can still feel if you hit them slightly off center which is something that is lacking in other softer feel balls. the other thing is that the "diablo" markings on the side are actually straight so you can use them for aiming, which is more than i can say for their premium "tour iz" ball. Oh i forgot to mention durability... I played an entire 36 holes with the sleeve of 3, only changing them to hit provisionals (or if i forgot which of the 2 in my pocket i was playing) and between 2 balls they still look new and bright white.
  dsgetaylor472 - 10/6/14
  etc777 - 10/18/13
  mekell - 4/27/13
  station5174 - 4/15/13
  cjterry - 2/21/13
  shorticus - 2/11/13
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