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20XI X

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Introduced in February of 2013, these resin-core, urethane-covered golf balls are designed to provide faster response than rubber, higher ball-speeds, and a higher MOI for more consistent ball-flight. It is designed for players who can spin the ball; a steeper "spin slope" results in lower driver spin, but higher wedge spin.
  omegaman8 - 9/28/11
Great ball..
  birdiexris - 7/10/11
I used to think that putting more weight on the outsides of the ball was a good thing, but not so much anymore. I tried these out when i was swinging the best i've ever been swinging and put them right up against my regular PV1X. I lost 10-15 yards on the drives. 5 or more yards on the irons. Spin from the irons on full shots is pretty much the same but there's no feel on chips or putting. One other thing i've noticed is that i had to hit putts much firmer and they tend to skip first instead of roll. The ball is also not the most workable ball. It flies nice and straight but for better players (which the ball is made for presumably) it's difficult to work gently. Personally, i'd rather play a Gamer V2 than these balls because they have a lot of the same characteristics, but at least they retain the distance.
  Coach Gordie - 9/6/15
  mmontisano - 6/29/14
  drizzywoods - 5/31/14
  marutland01 - 5/4/14 - 5/3/14
  Darn - 4/4/14
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