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The fade-biased design of the PING i15 driver meets the needs of golfers who place a high priority on working their tee shots. The traditional pear-shaped 460cc, 199g titanium head is engineered with a bulge crown design to optimize energy transfer for greater ball speed and produce the solid feel preferred by better golfers. A tighter bulge-and-roll allows for internal weighting which reduces spin to promote a tour-preferred trajectory.

Available in 8.0°, 9.5°, and 11.0° lofts.

  markkurzeja1 - 2/8/14
Had this driver for a while before doing a trackman session.Upgraded to Whiteboard stiff shaft which gave me a better launch and improved consistency. I have kept with the club despite the club-makers move towards interchangeable lofts/lie as I reckon you cant beat a well designed standard club that has been custom fitted for you.
  fowlie33 - 12/30/13
tried all others and this one is still the best. just flat out bombs it
  WayneSpitzig - 5/7/12
This is one of Ping's best kept secrets. It is 10-15 yards longer than my last Ping driver I was using. Plus I can shape this driver more easily. Love this driver, Ping has a winner here.
  PhillipKorn - 2/10/10
Since changing to a shorter Acra S65 shaft than the standard D700 Ping shaftI have achieved more more consistency in hitting fairways.
This Driver is certainly the best looking on the market today
  ckulay - 6/8/19
  dpalmer1 - 11/29/17
  wiggy1960 - 8/19/15
  ANSER - 10/3/14
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