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The Cleveland XL270 is an ultra-lightweight alternative to most drivers. The 460-cc head weighed 270 grams (hence the club name) and featured a titanium face. It was available in 9.0°, 10.5°, and 12.0° lofts.
  douglugg - 9/4/13
More powerful than my 2009 Burner. Lighter easier swing than my cobra Long Tom. I just cant get it to go straight, or even just slight fade or draw.
Need more range time. Seems very sensitive to mishits and swing flaws.
Feels like i'm hitting a rock when i connect. Wierd feeling.
I'll try it a few more times since i have it. It was a good deal.
  regstang2009 - 3/21/13
This driver replaced my Cleveland Hi-bore XLS. I was looking for something lighter to swing. THIS is it. I have increased my head speed 3-5 mi. per. I am 69 years old and have a 14 handicap on a 6285 yard golf course. I am now hitting the golf ball as far as I did when I was 50. I was a 10 handicap then 290 to 310.
  drialo1 - 12/27/14
  AgileTurtle - 7/28/13
  PepeBujanda - 6/16/13
  GolfDaddy36 - 6/1/13
  regmoon - 3/15/13
  yarbrough77 - 3/7/13
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