Cedar Crest Golf Course
1800 Southerland Ave
Dallas, TX 75203-4573, United States

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Greens Fees (including cart):
   Weekday:$20 - $29
   Weekend:$30 - $39

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Date Golfer Score
12/13/18 david.magness 77
12/5/18 david.magness 77
11/7/18 david.magness 80
8/25/18 Lcameo3 109
8/25/18 dallasdey 82
8/11/18 Hudd7395 103
8/1/18 david.magness 75
7/29/18 jsealsjr 76
7/28/18 Ztexgolfer 77
7/28/18 jsealsjr 78
7/18/18 david.magness 77
6/17/18 KAR120C
4/19/18 dnw! 96
4/16/18 dnw! 92
3/25/18 Jimi Clark 92
12/13/17 david.magness 77
11/19/17 Jerry McConway 113
11/3/17 Fred26 89
10/21/17 smileyfur 101
10/14/17 Lcameo3 107
10/7/17 dallasdey 85
9/24/17 Jimi Clark 90
9/23/17 Fred26 89
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Recent Reviews

  parman68166 - 10/2/15
Fungus problem on a couple of greens, but the pins were in positions away from problem areas. Would have rated course higher, but the bunkers haven't been worked in awhile. Friendliest staff I've ever met! Will definitely return.
  gbenavid - 8/20/13
Nice course!

Played one day and could not finish after 3 holes and received a rain check. When I tried to use the rain check they wanted to charge me again even though the the same person trying to charge me was the person that gave me the rain check and remembered giving it to me???
  fromthisdesk - 7/13/13
A Saturday in February with temps in the mid-30's and the wind blowing 25 MPH made for an interesting round on a course that I haven't played in almost 15 years. In the time since I last played it, the course has underwent an upgrade and the clubhouse as well. $40 for a weekend 0900 golf tee time. The course is short but the value is in shot placement on this course as the hills and valleys will drive errant shots to places that are not much fun to get out of. All of the par 5's are reachable for a mid-handicapper or better. The par 3's play longer than the card - I would say that this is so because of the lack of trees and other around them making them extremely susceptible to the wind. The greens are tiny so it would be important to have a nice wedge game. For winter play they were about average - quick but not overly so, bumpy, and covered in the typical dot pattern left by clueless golfers who refuse to fix ball marks - lazy and inconsiderate. The general area surrounding the course could be nicer but I didn't hear gunshots or see anyone that could be considered dangerous - I wouldn't be too worried about having an issue while playing. So, finally, I would say that I like this course as it challenges all phases of the game not from a power perspective but from the accuracy and game management portions of your game. If you've read my other reviews, you will understand that I don't give out stars indiscriminately and that I consider three stars to be a plus. This course is a solid 3 and may go higher if the conditions in the spring improve it.
  mattsplatt3 - 12/5/11
A great layout with a good challenge for all level of players. You'll want to ride caues of the elevation changes.
  QueCharlie - 4/18/10
Conditions were great and the staff just might be the most hospitable in the metroplex.
  alexsantacruz - 1/27/10
In great shape for winter conditions
  ronalda4 - 3/8/14
  taterbug331 - 10/30/12
  JMEwing - 9/12/12
  burnellj - 7/21/12
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