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Lawrenceburg, KY Golf Courses
Lawrenceburg has 1 golf facility. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Moss Hill Golf Course
Versailles, KY (7 miles)
Juniper Hills Golf Course
Frankfort, KY (10 miles)
Woodford Lakes
Versailles, KY (11 miles)
Duckers Lake Golf Resort
Frankfort, KY (12 miles)
Frankfort Country Club
Frankfort, KY (12 miles)
Lakeview Springs Golf Course
Frankfort, KY (13 miles)
University Club of Kentucky
Lexington, KY (16 miles)
Keene Trace Golf Club
Nicholasville, KY (17 miles)
Man O War Golf Learning Center
Lexington, KY (17 miles)
Golf Club of the Bluegrass
Nicholasville, KY (17 miles)
Public Wild Turkey Trace  
1450 Fox Creek Rd