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From your recent comments, it is apparent to me that I might have gotten misdirected in my weekly writing. If so, I apologize. This is like having a one-way conversation sometimes, as I face the challenge every Friday of coming up with a topic that I hope the majority of you will find interesting. Apparently, I miss sometimes.

If this column too often sounds like an advertisement for SCOR, I also apologize. But this company and this product are my only "children," and most parents I know seem to go on and on about their kids' accomplishments. I plead guilty as charged.

At SCOR Golf, we have information for you that you won't get elsewhere. No, Iron Byron does not hit golf shots. He's never played a round in his life. Can't hit a soft chip or delicate pitch. Can't read greens. Can't be imaginative. In fact, he can't even walk.

But what Iron Byron does do is remove all the human elements and tell us exactly what a golf ball does from impact with a club. And he's shown us the technical reason why you hit so many "wedge" shots that come up short. And why current thin-face short irons deliver such disparate distance results from impacts around the center of the face.

It's not my fault that the SCOR technologies reduce dispersion patterns by 73 to 94% over conventional "wedges" and high-tech, thin-face short irons...

Oh wait, yes it is. I have observed these shortcomings of "wedges" and high-tech short irons for years. I digested Dave Pelz's research on the miss patterns of tour pros, which proves that distance control is the culprit with the high-loft clubs. I have talked with and observed hundreds of golfers. And I led this little potential revolution. And I won't apologize. Because I know what we do will improve the scoring of every golfer who lets us help him or her.

If you don't want to at least try them, that is certainly your prerogative, but I won't apologize for changing the high-loft clubs, no more than Karsten Solheim should have apologized for the Anser©, Ely Callaway should have apologized for Big Bertha©, or Barney Adams should apologize for Tight Lies©, or... well, you get the idea.

But my goal here for the past eight years has been to respond to what people are asking — the subjects on which you want to have me lend my 35 years of golf industry experience. And I still have that mission and goal. But in the absence of questions, I have to come up with my own. I sure would like for the bunch of you to allow me to be responsive here, rather than pro-active.

So, today's column is my plea for participation.

What do you want me to write about? What subjects interest you? What burning questions do you have for an open-to-share industry insider?

Just let me know and I'll dive right in.
The Wedge Guy is sponsored by SCOR Golf, where Terry Koehler is President/CEO. He encourages you to submit your questions or topics to be considered for his columns on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each submission automatically enters you to win a SCOR4161 wedge to be given away monthly. Click the button below to submit your question or topic today.

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parman68166 says:
I recently purchased three of the Scor 4161 wedges (52°, 56° and 60°) and after getting some work in with them I feel as though they are the best wedges I have ever had in my hands. They perform exactly as advertised and couldn't be happier with my purchase. That said, I am having some trouble with my sand play. You'ld think that having been playing for 40+ years and having maintained a singled digit handicap for 35 of them I would have fixed that, but that is not the case. Would you address the issue of sand play for me please? Thank you.
sarahkl says:
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josephmerry1691 says:
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Terry Koehler is "The Wedge Guy" and President of SCOR Golf- The Short Game Company.

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