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I was thrilled to see the dialog about Mr. Hogan, as he is truly one of my personal heroes, my father being the other. It is obvious that many of you share my appreciation and respect for what he did to raise the level of his game, and that of many others.

Right across the cover of the March 11, 1957 Sports Illustrated, which introduced his "Five Lessons", it claimed that anyone can shoot in the 70s. I've always believed that, in principle, even in today's game where the green complexes are much more daunting and penalizing in too many cases. At the very least, anyone can learn to strike the ball efficiently enough to stay out of trouble off the tee, and on or close to the greens after their approach shot. And that is a huge part of the battle.

One of my favorite Ben Hogan stories is about how he started his golf company in late 1953. The first batch of irons were not to his satisfaction, so he ordered them all scrapped. One of his partners was quite upset by this but Mr. Hogan would not relent. So he went to the bank and borrowed $450,000 on his signature and bought out that partner. Pretty bold and an expression of his commitment to be the best and build the best.

I have a full week ahead with our entire team attending the annual PGA Show, where we'll be right in the middle of over a million square foot toy store. Everything you can imagine about golf will be on display, along with hundreds of things you would never imagine.

And we'll be showing the most dynamic improvement to golf club technology to come along since hybrids. What we've done to the short end of the set will send "just wedges" and set-match short irons to wherever you keep your 2-iron and persimmon driver. Iron Byron doesn't lie and we have reduced the distance dispersion of those by over 75%, so that high-face miss from a fluffy lie doesn't cost you anymore. Neither does that toe miss that comes up short and right.

Sorry for the shameless plug ... no, I'm not. What we have created here are simply the finest short range scoring tools in the game, and I personally challenge each of you readers to try them for yourself. All you have to lose is a bunch of wasted shots.

But with regard to this column, I also ask each of you to send me an email with a topic you would like to see me address this year. It can be about equipment, technique, psychology of scoring ... anything.

I'm all yours and ready to write.
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PorterDon99 says:
How to on bump and run shot. Club selection, distance to use it on, swing mechanichs, etc.
roncole4 says:
How to hit a downhill, side hill shot?
Noel Bomar says:
Putting technique...Right Hand Low? Left hand low? Ball Position, Eyes over ball? Is judging distance or reading line more important? Putting stroke (straight or arc)? Hinging left wrist at finish? etc.
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