What About Spin?
I've been in the golf club business for over 30 years, and have seen lots of things come and go. One of those is the subject of spinning the golf ball.

No one really talked much about spin until the wedge companies starting CNC-milling the grooves on wedges back in the early 2000s. Until then, we just accepted that there were golfers who could really spin their wedges and those that couldn't. We all admired those great "one hop and stop" wedge shots, and those approach shots that would hit the green and back up. But few recreational golfers ever figured out how to make the golf ball do those cool things.

Then, along comes the CNC-milling machine and the ability to cut grooves on wedges with edges so sharp that everyone could spin their wedge shots so much better. Spin was now for sale. Hallelujah!

But all good things must come to an end, right? And the USGA thought these high-spinning wedges were a detriment to the game, so they changed the rules governing groove geometry. No longer could we cut those grooves with the super-sharp edges. No longer could spin be purchased like a few extra yards.

We returned to the earlier times where some golfers could spin the ball well, and others couldn't.

By and large, all the golf equipment companies deliver pretty close to the same spin for any given golfer. We all push the USGA rules to the limits, but the results are not as spectacular as the "good old days."

Very simply, now that the playing field is changed and very level, spinning the ball is once again a learned skill. It's a function of clubhead speed and quality of contact. You know those golfers who spin the ball a lot, and others who don't. The great news is that anyone can learn how to spin the golf ball more.

That's what teaching pros are for – they can show you things you don't know how to do. I strongly encourage any of you who would like to spin the ball more with your approach clubs to visit with one or two teaching professionals and see how they would approach teaching you that skill.

Oh, and change to the highest-spinning ball in your price category. They all go long these days, but it would still be a great trade to give up a half dozen yards for many more rpms of spin.
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