What Does SkyGolf 360 Track
We've had a couple questions from SkyCaddie owners and prospective buyers on what stats SkyGolf 360 can track. HERE YOU GO!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know in our Forums.

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Charlie9404 says:
Can I track my wife's score in addition to my score
T. Morris (aka "BlkMamba") says:
Wow, what a list but no multi score feature. The score card is still good I guess.
Jrboy says:
Will we ever have the ability to track score for the foursome? Just the score, nothing else.

It would be REALY nice if they added a program like WOW by were we can keep track of Who Owes Who.
Johnlund41 says:
Does the SkyCaddie track every shot and putts? If so I how do I do that?
camoreau says:

With the familly plan, all statistics download from my wife Skycaddie and my Skycaddie ends up into the same account in ClubSG.

We are not abel to track our stats independently anymore. I cannot tell my wife handicap from mine nor can i follow my distances from her's. :cry:

Could you add a field refering to the unit serial number and the possibility to toggle one or the orther unit we want the stats to show while looking at a graph or at the handicap calculations ?

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