Groups And How To Use Them
SkyGolf 360 offers "Groups" as an additional way to track your game with family, friends and leagues. Creating and/or joining a group gives you the ability to have a private leaderboard and stat tracking for competition between a subset of golfers within the SkyGolf 360 system.

Leaderboards can be ranked by net score, gross score, scores minus par, or USGA differential. Leaderboards can also roll-over every year, quarter, month, or week depending on how often your group plays.

The main page for groups is here. Join a group that is already started or add your own. Some example groups might be:
- your extended family
- your group of golfers that you play with every week
- old college friends
- all the golfers in a city, county, or state
- an actual golf league

You can also find the link for groups in the sub navigation for ClubSG (5th link).

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