Flash: Tiger's Jet Spotted at Augusta airport
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/31/15
Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our regular programming to bring you this special bulletin... dateline Augusta Regional Airport... ...a Gulfstream G550 owned by Tiger Woods and registered to GTW Corporation in Jupiter, Florida was spotted parked at the airport this morning.

As we seriously and solemnly report this news (snicker)...

OK, it was fun pretending to be the stuffy news anchor "Jim Dial" from Murphy Brown there for awhile.

Credit to Rosie...

Anyway and seriously, we *must* first credit Tim Rosaforte, who said last night on Golf Channel that Woods was "likely" heading to Augusta National for practice this week.

Then this morning, Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle reported that a Gulfstream G5 matching the tail number of an aircraft owned by Woods was parked in front of the private terminal at Augusta Regional Airport. Michaux apparently thought it would be appropriate to call Lauren Smith, the airport's communications director, for confirmation. But Smith sensibly refused to confirm anything, saying only that "It's not out of the norm for players to come the week before the tournament."

We are not personally acquainted with Ms. Smith, but we are going to assume that she will be very happy after, say, Monday, April 13 — when most of the visiting aircraft depart Augusta Regional Airport.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Actually, I heard Tiger was just preparing for his role as the 4th person in the ceremonial starting group. Arnie, Jack and Gary were adamant that they would NOT be giving Tiger any strokes, despite his recent troubles.
Torleif Sorenson says:
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