Brother's wedding or Q-School?
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/16/14
Brad Fritsch is a Canadian golfer who is competing in the final round of the Tour Q-School on Tuesday. At the start of final round play, Fritsch holds a five-shot lead on the rest of the field at PGA National in Florida.

But in order to participate in Q-School, Fritsch had to skip his younger brother's wedding this past Saturday in Ottawa, Ontario.

"This is my job for next year on the line, so I knew I had to be here and my brother understood completely. I called him to congratulate him yesterday morning and apologized for not being there," said the Edmonton native.

Fritsch's younger brother, Stephen, is a former touring player himself and now serves as Brad's agent. As long as the older brother can hold it together for 18 more holes, Fritsch will have his run of the 2015 Tour schedule at his disposal, with a decent chance of getting back his PGA Tour card for 2016.

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