Hey, Tiger, How's Your Recovery?
By mustang6560 on 2/24/16
On Monday, Robert Lusetich sent the Twittersphere into a panic.

The author of "Unplayable: An Inside Account of Tiger's Most Tumultuous Season" tweeted that the 14-time major champion was struggling with his recovery from back surgery.

Tiger offered a clever rebuttal earlier today.

Despite the witty reply, there still is no timetable for his return to competitive golf. So while we're glad to see Tiger hitting full shots with his low irons, we remain cautiously optimistic that Tiger will be able to return to action in 2016.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Robert Lusetich can hide behind the "I'm told ..." and claim he was misinformed. The fact is that if he were even 1% of a journalist, he would have sought corroboration and a comment from Tiger. Instead, he was in a hurry to make some noise so he tweeted his "news".

As to Tiger, I wonder what he did after the video recorder was turned off? Limped back to his bed?
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