Golf Hero: Sarah Bennett, PGA
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/5/13
Hat tip: Ian 666

Bennett and some of the heroes she teaches

Sarah Bennett, PGA is the head teaching pro at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club in Cold Norton, Essex, in England. She had played tournament golf as well, but in 2005 she suffered a cruel neurological balance disorder that quashed her playing career. She endured four long years of rehabilitation.

Today, she is a heroine helping other heroes.

That is because she is teaching golf to wounded British solders at Chavasse VC House in Colchester. Somewhat similar to Bennett but to much more devastating degrees, these soldiers have endured and suffered a variety of physical injuries. And she knows it:
"Being told it was unlikely I would play golf again hit me hard and I still have to limit my activities, but my experience was a drop in the ocean in comparison to both the physical and lasting injuries these chaps have to overcome.

"I now know the determination and passion these soldiers possess, having been involved with Chavasse House and Help for Heroes for a year now — and it is fantastic that everyone has embraced me in the manner they have."
Bennett also participates in the (British) PGA's Buddy Scheme, which pairs up these soldiers with a PGA teaching professional, and has been hosting a variety of golf events for them. Her event schedule in 2014 might be even busier than it has been this year.

Sarah Bennett would already be an admirable woman for the amount of time she spends coaching junior golf, girls especially. But for doing the extra work of helping injured soldiers make their way into the game we all love and bringing more happiness to their lives, she is a heroine.

"There are no great things, only small things done with great love. Happy are those."
— Mother Teresa of Calcutta, M.C. (1910-1997)

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Image via PGA England East Region

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