World Am Day 2: Myrtlewood Golf Club
By mustang6560 on 8/27/13

The front gate of Myrtlewood Golf Club

Despite two triple bogeys on holes 9 and 12, which included two of my three three-putts, I managed to card a respectable 12-over 84. Two birdies — one on the par-4 10th and one on the par-5 15th — saved my round (but neither resulted in a skin). As long as no one went super low on Pine Hills course at Myrtlewood Golf Club today, I should still be in contention heading into the third round tomorrow at Carolina National.

The clubhouse at Myrtlewood

Myrtlewood's spacious practice range

Myrtlewood's putting green is much larger than what you'll find at your average muni.

It isn't a dream — I really am here in Myrtle Beach!

Like yesterday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today — high 80s with little humidity. I really enjoyed the Pine Hills course. It was the longest course we'll play all week, but it was very score-able. The greens were in great shape, the fairways were fairly open (which allowed you to hit driver), and my playing partners were nice (minus the one who complimented your shot as soon as the ball left your club face). Had my driver obeyed its orders better, I could have posted something in the mid- to high-70s. Alas, a consistent duck-hook only gets you so far.

I've played 12 courses in the Grand Strand now, so I'm beginning to feel qualified to recommend golf courses in the area. And two of the courses I would recommend would be both courses at Myrtlewood — Pine Hills and Palmetto, which I played last year. Sure, TPC Myrtle Beach and Caledonia are nice and they get all of the accolades (and rightly so), but they are challenging courses that aren't for the faint of heart. The nice thing about Myrtlewood is both courses are nice tracks that don’t cost an arm and a leg to play and you can score well on them. I’m willing to bet the average score from today’s round will be a good bit below the average from yesterday.

I avoided the water here at the par-3 11th but
three-putted, no thanks to a patently unfair hole location.

Located along the Intracoastal Waterway, Myrtlewood lies
approximately halfway between South Beach and the Big Apple.

These are the scores after Round 2:
Flight 2: Chris — T-4, 76 (Net 70)

Flight 4: Thomas — T-32, 93 (Net 85)

Flight 5: Mustang — T-3, 84 (Net 74)

Flight 5: Gio — T-17, 91 Net 82

Flight 7: Tyler — T-34, 98 (Net 86)

Flight 7: Jay — 43, 102 (Net 90)

Flight 8: John — 35, 91 (Net 78)

Flight 31: Gary — 46, 116 (Net 95)

All photos by Nathan J. Trifone

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