Jason Day Wants To Spread Ashes At Augusta National
By mustang6560 on 11/30/11
He wants to do what!?!
Jason Day said he plans to speak to officials at Augusta National about spreading some of his father's ashes over the home of the Masters. Alvyn Day, who gave Jason his start in golf, died of cancer when Day was 12, and one of his final requests was that his son spread some of his ashes at Augusta National if Day were to ever played there.
Jason, this is Augusta National we're talking about here, not your local muni!
"It's a plan but obviously if I don't get clearance from Augusta, I am not going to do it," Day said last week at the Australian PGA Championship. "That was one of my dad's wishes and if I was allowed to do it, that would be great. Obviously, I know how the rules are at Augusta, it would be probably very unlikely, but we will see how it goes."
The only way I foresee Augusta National allowing Jason to spread the ashes of his late father on the course is if he wins The Masters (and he came close last year finishing in second place). And, even then he would have to do it in secret. The last thing Augusta National wants to see an increase in the number of golfers who decree in their final breath to have their ashes spread on the course.

I highly doubt Augusta National permits this to happen, but I hope it does, for Jason's sake of course. But, we'll never know either way.

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photo by Keith Allison

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