Masters Accepting Ticket Applications for '12
By mustang6560 on 4/4/11
The Masters is now taking applications for the 2012 tournament. They made two changes for the application process, both of which are very exciting!

First, you no longer have to apply via snail mail. Second, you can apply for general admission public tickets for the first time EVER!
Moving the entire application process to our official Tournament Web site is a safe and convenient way for those wishing to apply for daily Practice Round tickets," Payne said. "We are also pleased to provide a limited number of tickets for the individual Tournament Round days, which, up until now, have only been allocated to our Series Badge holders.
I applied for tickets last year with my brother for the first time. We were just excited for the opportunity to get tickets for the practice round. Now there is hope we may actually get to catch glimpse of the top players in the world at the best golf tournament. Man I'm excited!

But, none of you should bother applying for tickets. I mean, the odds of winning are stacked against you. Oh, and you reduce my odds of winning!

2012 Masters Tickets

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