Obama Plays 61st Round of Golf
By mustang6560 on 3/15/11
In President George W. Bush's first term in office, it wasn't uncommon to find him on the links from time to time. And any time he did, he would hear about it later from his opponents. But, in the last five years in office, "W" didn't play golf at all because he didn't think it was "commander in chief-ly".

Over the weekend, President Barack Obama completed his 61st round of golf since taking office in 2009 and he's taken some heat for it.
Meanwhile, ABC News, traveling with the president Saturday, in the pool, reported he hit the links for the second week in a row -- quote -- "Even as his administration and the U.S. military help Japan recover from a devastating earthquake... the president could not resist taking advantage of the 48-degree weather."

President Obama even joked with reporters Saturday night about his fondness for the sport saying -- quote -- "I'm not spending time on the golf course, I'm investing time in the golf course."
I don't understand why any president or congressmen should be chastised for playing golf, or tennis or whatever sport helps them decompress.

I understand there is a disaster in Japan and it's terrible. But does that mean the president shouldn't play golf? If the president wasn't allowed to "play" recreational sports during a "crisis", then he'd never be able to unwind because unfortunately in the world, there are crises happening every minute of every day. I for one, would rather my president, governor, senator, state legislator be given ample time to relax and relieve some stress. Golf is a much better alternative than having an extra marital affair with a woman in Argentina or a hooker in NYC.

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Cloudy Haze says:
I have to agree with that. Golf is a great relief for any high stress job, and I can't think of a more stressful job than CIC
claysand13 says:
I think if he golfs like he governs he should give up both. He has triple bogeyed health care, double bogeyed the economy and bogeyed Libya and Japan.
Gaz1307 says:
Wonder if he uses a Skycaddie and if so what group is he a member of. The "white house wedges" perhaps
LMHolzman says:
If he keeps trying, maybe he'll find something he's good at.
shubham says:
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Jimmy1978 says:
I think if he golfs like he governs he should give up both Word Stacks
franklucido says:
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