Would You Play Colored Balls?
By kickntrue on 4/29/10
I'm sure a couple of you have noticed Vijay Singh and a few other Srixon staff players playing yellow balls in PGA Tour events. The new Srixon Z-Star X Tour Yellow is the same Tour level ball Srixon has in white- but this one generates attention (like posts on golf blogs).

I've always thought it makes a lot of sense to play a colored ball, specifically yellow because of how much it stands out on the course (especially when wayward). A few other companies have tried in the past to make colored balls the "cool" thing to play. I remember specifically the "Noodle Ice" balls, but I don't think any major golf company has ever tried to do it with a top tour level ball.

The only reason it's ever failed is tradition. Golf balls have always been white. Beginners play florescent yellow balls and real golfers move to white. I guess what I'm really asking is would you consider a switch? Assuming you could go get your favorite ball in yellow or another color- would you do it? Why or why not?

Srixon Z Star X Tour Info (and photo source)

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ChappyEight says:
I'm not one to bow to social convention, so why not? The only reason people don't play them is because they're afraid of what other people will think. Look at some of the stuff people wear when they play; I think a colored ball is far less embarrassing than some of those get-ups.
I started using the srixion ball two weeks ago due to playing in a tournament and playing partner kept hitting my ball so now no excuses not to leave my ball alone not to mention i think it make you concentrate more.Give them a shot I love them
fzayas says:
Yellow balls are easier to track and find. So for practical reasons I would love to play yellow balls. Unfortunately, no quality balls seem to come in yellow. I used to play Volvik Crystals in yellow, but I can't find them anymore. They were pretty good. Have no tried the Srixons yet because they are too pricey. If they'd offer the AD333 in yellow I'd buy them in a heartbeat.
txpgapro says:
For decades the olnly tennis ball was white. In the 70's the "optic yellow" was marketed. Now you can't find a can, or tube of white tennis balls. Golf balls are no different. It is a proven fact that the yellow ball is easier on the eyes, easier to see and focus on, and easier to find. I'm not going to play a Srixon, but if the ProV1 came in yellow or "optic yellow" I would definatley switch.
roncole4 says:
I am 67+ years old and carry a 3.1 index. I have played Titleist premium balls all of my golfing career. Several weeks ago the Cleveland rep gave me a sleeve of YELLOW Srixon Z Star X to try. I can now actually see the ball hit the ground and roll out. As Jim Furyk says, I have now switched to a better ball. Sorry Titleist!
thisisrobbo says:
Titleist and Callaway won't be far behind. I would definately give a yellow Prov1 a chance.
vswalkes2 says:
I picked up a dozen of the yellow Srixon, I will play them when my swing straightens out.
thompson12202 says:
I bought a dozen a week ago and have been very happy. I have always had problems seeing the ball in the air and when it hits the ground. These are easy to see and have greatly helped my confidence.
rwill234 says:
Great all around ball and very easy to track and spot. Color says range ball but the green stopping spin is unreal.
gclpc says:
I have been playing yellow balls for years. They are easier to see, easier to find in the rough, easier to see at twilight, and you lose far fewer.The only thing is, you have to be willing to put up with a lot of crap from your playing partners...
billm1447 says:
Got the yellow ones a week ago, can now see the ball when it's out past 175. Couldn't do that when it was white
carlf2 says:
Played tennis in college, no question yellow balls are easier to track visually and I would have no problem with golf balls. Some yellow balls in the past have been challenging to find on courses that don't discourage dandylions in the rough. How do these Srixons stand out compared to dandylions??
Rhythm and Tempo Renzo says:
I switched to the Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow about a month ago. The differences that I've noticed are: 1)their easier to track, 2)they seem to play a little softer than a white painted ball and 3)the greenside control is unreal with this ball. Cally and Titleist are gonna have to step up as I believe more golfers will switch after trying them...
samarai28 says:
I guess that I would have no problem playing a different color ball. The problem is the stigma of it being a beginners ball. As I think about it more, I would play the fluorescent yellow or an orange ball as long as they were a premium ball made by a company I like such as Nike or Taylormade.
samarai28 says:
SGX update: I got a chance to use my SGX yesterday for the first time and I loved it! I have had no problems with it. Skycaddie had uploaded the "fixes" prior to me buying it and everything works great! I did have to get used to a little different functionality from the SG5 (i.e. different format of listing the targets on the course) but it's not hard to figure out. Thanks Skycaddie! Now it's time to work on my game because I didn't play as well as I would have liked and that's something Skycaddie can't fix!
sjski says:
What comes around goes around I guess, I remember playing orange and yellow balls in Junior and Senior H/S matches.
Rick2071 says:
I've played the Orange ones a couple of times, and when you beat your playing partners, there very quiet.....
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